Principles of EVA

The European Voices Association is based on the principles of the European Voices Manifesto and has the following goals and functions:

  • the European network for vocal, a cappella and rhythmic choral music
  • a think tank serving as a stimulus for the development of the vocal music community
  • a communicative hub, making artists from European countries aware of each other and hereby enabling the exchange of ideas within the community
  • one voice in the public, lobbying for the common cause of creating new opportunities for singers and vocal groups
  • the educational source, which helps teaching teachers and singers to pass on the pedagogic knowledge of experienced vocal coaches and improve the overall quality of a cappella, vocal and choral music in Europe
  • the community’s source of sheet music, making vocal and a cappella music more widely available
  • a database center, making important musical and business information accessible to the community
  • a network of live events, organising face-to-face communication between the members of the community

The European Voices Association is a non-profit organisation, based on the natural, democratic authority of the people who work for it and based on as little bureaucracy as possible. The European Voices Association is open to all kinds of styles of vocal, a cappella and rhythmic choral music. The more singers and vocal groups become members, the more powerful this movement will become. The European Voices Association will be founded by the end of 2010 as a legal body suitable for international cooperation within the European Union.

We are fully aware, that these things won’t happen overnight. However, creating a growing number of services for the community will be at the heart of EVA’s action plan for the upcoming years.