Now Hosted by EVA

We are very pleased to inform you that the European Voices Association (EVA) will take over the platform “” on October 1st. We thank Volker Bauer – the founder and long-time operator of this site – very much for his confidence in us and assure him to give our best and to continue his work conscientiously. Volker Bauer writes the following about his decision:

Dear singers, groups, fans, enthusiasts of vocal music.

Alea iacta est – as the Latin says. The dice have been thrown, a decision has been made, one door is just beginning to close, while another, hopefully bigger one, is opening up and revealing a glimpse of the future of

As you may have read on the website and in other places during the last weeks and months, I was looking for successors – because for health reasons I could not do a project like anymore, and certainly not alone. I was quite open whether this is an individual like me, who does it out of pure enthusiasm, an organisation that already deals with vocal music, or a group of people, who combine to rejuvenate There were a lot of conversations, discussions, considerations and procedural models.

Today I can announce the result of this work:

European Voices Association e. V. (EVA) takes over, the platform for vocal music in German-speaking countries.

I am optimistic that the colleagues from EVA will manage to transform the website, the platform and the information into the here and now and that you, who use the website, will enjoy browsing on again.

I would like to thank you all for your years of loyalty and support. You have always made sure that I have further developed, supported and expanded. Moreover, not to forget, you took care of the content. is what you call “community driven” – I took care of the framework, you took care of the content. I thank you very much for that.

My thanks and fingers crossed to European Voices Association, who will now start to fulfil the expectations I and you set in them regarding the new, polished

All the best to you and lots of fun with music only made from vocal chords …