European Voices Association

The European Voices Association (EVA), founded in fall 2011, is a non-profit organisation working to support the development of contemporary vocal, a cappella and rhythmic choral music in European countries.

The first meeting of EVA took place on 9 May 2011 in Aarhus (Denmark) as part of the Aarhus Vocal Festival (

In the last years, we were more quiet since we didn’t reach our expected goals. We found out, that a lot of people are using their filter bubble (via Facebook or other social media) and not an organisation for this goal. We still would like to support groups to network with each other.

If you want to support the idea of a Pan-European network of singers, composers, arrangers, producers, promoters and fans of vocal music, send your signature to be added to the European Voices Manifesto via email or simply on paper to the EVA contact address. Many vocal music activists from all over Europe have already shown their support by signing the document – we would love you to join the movement!