Werkstatt Bayreuth 2013

European Voices Association (EVA) presents:

„Werkstatt Bayreuth“


Workshops and Coachings

Friday,04. until Sunday 06. October 2013

In collaboration with European Voices Association (EVA), there is at the festival Sangeslust again this year a number of interesting workshops with outstanding vocal and ensemble coaches.

The first EVA-Workshops in 2012 got a very good feedback.

The all female a cappella group “Total Vokal” from Vellmar writes: "We really had a great time in Bayreuth. It was all very well organized and we felt very well cared for. The workshop with Andy Sack was varied, constructive and very entertaining. From Warm-Ups to concrete proposals to improve our performance, we've got some important suggestions. Despite the short-term planning of the workshop, Andy was well prepared. Absolutely recommendable!

And Andy Sack, the coach, wrote: The Performance Workshop with "Total Vokal" has given me a lot of fun. The sympathetic female ensemble was open to all food for thought and new impressions and we could immediately work together on the fine-tuning their stage presence. And I choose the word deliberately fine-tuning, because "Total Vokal" already know how pure and independent a cappella music works.

Therefore: choirs, vocal ensembles, individual singers, promoters and booking agents speak up and get you a kick! Ensembles that have participated in workshops of this kind, reported a completely different working experience in everyday life and especially a significant motivation.

Let’s create a " Vokal-Werkstatt Bayreuth", in memory of Wolfgang Wagner, longtime director of the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth. He saw the " Werkstatt Bayreuth " in the 50s as a place for experimentation and new perspectives. Try and rehearse was in focus.

European Voices Association (EVA), presents in collaboration with the “Sangeslust” festival in Bayreuth workshops and coaching for amateur and professional singers in choirs and vocal groups.

For details on the single workshops see menu on the right sidebar (only in german) or visit www.sangeslust.com. If you need further information, don't hesitate to contact us at info@europeanvoices.org.


  • Friday, 04. until Sunday, 06.of October 2013


  • Stadthalle Bayreuth (Seminarräume) and/or Musikschule Greiner, Bayreuth


  • Singers in Choir and Vocal Groups, as a whole group or single participants.


  • Choir-Workshop: 9-20 participants, 2 x 45 Min, 500,00 €/Choir
  • Choir-Workshop: 21-40 participants, 2 x 45 Min, 600,00 €/Choir
  • Choir-Workshop: >40 participants, 2 x 45 Min, 700,00 €/Choir
  • Vocal Group Coaching, 3-5 participants, 2 x 60 Min., 300,00 €/Group
  • Vocal Group Coaching, 6-8 participants, 2 x 60 Min., 350,00 €/Group
  • Single Coaching, 45 Min., 80,00 €/Person
  • Workshop Martin Seiler: 4-9 participants, 2 x 60 Min., 80,00 €/Person
  • Workshop Robeat: 2 1/2 hours, minimum no. of participants: 10, 20,00 €/Person (am 02.10.); also as a School-Workshop (Robeat joind the class room)
  • Workshops Florian Städtler: single coaching, 60 Min., 80,00 €/Person, Group-Coaching 90 Min., minimum no. of participants:4, 40,00 €/Person, Workshop 2x 3 hours min. 6, max. 12 participants, 50,00 €/Person


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Würde gerneTeilnehmen, finde aber keine weiteren Infos, wann und wo Robeat Seminar gibt.

The Robeat Workshop can be found here: http://europeanvoices.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=17