Welcome to EVA, Catarina Lybeck!

Catarina Lybeck

The European Voices Association is happy to welcome a new member. Some of you may already have met her at the LEOsings sessions in Aalborg and Freiburg.

Catarina, tell us who you are!

I’m a Swedish vocal specialist living in Austria. I am a real "voice worker“ due to my longtime occupation as a vocal- and voice coach, speech trainer and singer. I came to Austria about 20 years ago to continue my classical studies as an opera singer at the University of Mozarteum and also sang (among many other things) as soloist for 7 years at the Salzburger Festspiele.

Music making, living and acting is like a golden thread through my life starting with growing up in a great Swedish choir tradition. I believe that the human being is a natural musical being and the outcome of my seminars and teaching confirm this. One of my special skills is making people sing although they believe they can't. This is a wonderful experience.

Why and how did you join The European Voices Association?

It was actually a coincidence. I came to EVA via the European Union "LEOsings" project. Got a really friendly welcome by the EVA members and experience them as very skilled and professional people. I also feel that the energy and spirit in EVA is fresh, positive and innovative.

I like the idea of an organization that supports a cappella and vocal music - this was new for me. The human voice is an unsurpassed instrument and I enjoy the beauty and the countless possibilities of  a cappella music. I myself sang in a renaissance a cappella group for one year and then led my own vocal group for about 6 years performing Swedish „avantgarde“. 

Is there anything particular that you want to contribute to EVA?

As I am a founding member of stimme.at - the European Network of Voice Experts and also member of AVI (Austrian Voice Institute) and EVTA I know how important and helpful networking is. For example, to spread information and knowledge.

I have been training people using their voice for about 18 years now across borders. I also have a deep and long-lasting experience in singing.  From being a lyric-dramatic coloratura soprano to perform „Kulning“(Swedish screamjodel) and deep breasted Joik (Samitradition of the North) over pop and jazz, I've went to all kind of borders and crossed them.

I think I know exactly what the voice needs to work in the best and most flexible way. So I developed my own method where the inner and outer movement support the voice in a very effective way. This of course includes a physiologically healthy setup. I observe that many singers never learn to use the full capacity of their voice.

Some singers have unnecessary tensions and pain connected with their voice production. Stage fright is another issue. And so on. Here I would like to contribute with ideas, practices and solutions. With different angles how you as a singer can get the most out of your own voice. Because, it’s much more fun singing in the right way! 

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