Support Aarhus Vocal Festival 2015

Singing vocal music is something quite extraordinary!

“Why?” you say.

Well, because here it is possible to use the instrument you got in birth to interact from the heart with other likeminded.

So! Aarhus Vocal Festival is on a mission! The aim is to continue to create a festival that is ahead of spreading the knowledge and joy of vocal music to singers all over Denmark and abroad, developing the genre of vocal music.

Aarhus Vocal Festival was founded as an association in 2005 by a group of enthusiasts of contemporary vocal music – with Denmark’s grand old man of rhythmic vocal music, Jens Johansen in front.

Since then four festivals (2006, 2009, 2011 and 2013) have been set to life. All of those festivals have been enormously successful when it came to music, singing, networking and making friends. But the last festival in 2013 was hit by a financial deficit.

We would very much like to make a festival again in 2015 - to reunite vocal enthusiasts from all over the world, to give them a memorable vocal experience and to push forward the development of the vocal music scene. We would like once again to make one of the best vocal festivals in the world!

But in order to do so WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Support AAVF by contributing following this link:

The contributions you give will be used to close gaps as a result of the 2013 festival and to lay the basis for a festival in 2015.

All according to how much you wish to donate to the survival of the festival, you will get one of the following perks in return :-)

  • 10€ = you will be a part of Jim Hjernoe's evening prayer
  • 20€ = you will be a part of Jens Johansen's evening prayer
  • 50€ = you will be listed on our website as Honorable Contributor
  • 100€ = you will be honored on stage at the next festival as a Top True Aarhus Vocal Festival Supporter - and we will provide you with a badge saying exactly that!
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I totally support this message. Many greetings from the Netherlands, Joep

Thanks a lot for helping, Joep !