Summer camp 2016 with POSTYR and Morton Kjaer

Singers, arrangers, choir leaders, and conductors! If you like vocal music and POSTYR, you will love summer camp with POSTYR and Morton Kjaer!

The camp has two tracks. Track 1 is mostly for singers and voice teachers who want to learn more about using your voice healthily to sing a variety of styles, colors, and dynamics. Singers in this track will learn about Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) and practice groove, interpretation, and phrasing with lots of arrangements. Track 2 is designed for conductors, choir leaders, and arrangers. These classes will focus on arranging, composition, and rehearsal techniques.

There will also be activities for both tracks, including morning sing, The Big Choir, and performances and masterclasses. If you think summer camp is just for kids, think again! Spend your summer singing with POSTYR!

Summer Camp 2016 will be July 24-28. The cost is 1900 DKK (around 235€) per person for individuals and 1790 DKK (around 210€) per person for groups of five or more. For more information, check out the full brochure at, or sign up now at

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