Purple Vocals Pop-up Studio with Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix' venture "Purple Vocals" is dedicated to help and encourage singers of all levels around the world.

And it truly is a globally operating one-man enterprise: After having coached in the US, Italy, Great Britain and Switzerland, Paul already set off to Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. But between his busy global schedule, he managed to drop by in the cosy state of Saarland/Germany for one of his "Purple Vocals Pop-up Studios".

Over the course of a whole weekend, Paul was available for tutoring lessons and to pass on his tremendous experience of being a singer all of his live - as chorister, solo tenor, and member of the King's Singers for 17 years. Time slots of 40 minutes (50 minutes for ensembles) were available and could be booked at an affordable price by individual singers or ensembles of all levels.

Whether it's with aspired young solo talents, members of amateur choirs, students of a local church organ class, classical or modern a-cappella ensembles, professional vocal teachers or singer/songwriters - Paul knew how to handle them and could draw from his vast amount of experience.

Everybody was free to bring whatever repertoire they had and work with Paul on any issues they might have, be it vocal problems, musical style and interpretation, presentation and performance, or whatever might arise from the moment.

The informal atmosphere of his Pop-Up concept and his unique approach to "affirm-perform-engage" assured that nobody would feel uncomfortable or ashamed singing in front of him and the workshop audience.

For each session, Paul not only focussed on vocal problems and interpretation. He also took great care to build up confidence in one's singing, and to point out all the little "habits" that make an audience feel less at ease.

With his warm-hearted and kind manner, he always made sure that even the slightest form of criticism was delivered in a friendly and constructive way. And above all, his main focus is always to bring out the pure joy and passion for singing!

Having worked with Paul before with my a-cappella group Jelly Vox, I already knew how great it is to be coached by him. This time however, it was the first time I had booked a solo lesson with him, so I hoped the experience would be as good as with the group.

And what a fantastic and uplifting experience it was!


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