News from the Netherlands - February 2016

Vocal Pop and Jazz Days VPJD in The Netherlands, see: 

E.V.A. ambassador for The Netherlands, Joep Hopstaken, born in Tilburg and singer in dutch vocal groups VPS KeK and ZiPPA, reports from the Dutch vocal delta. His third contribution is Inspired by Inspiration Days.

This October 2015, I just would like to concentrate a bit more on the developments in the Netherlands. As I posted earlier in there are a lot of more or less young and ambitious directors that accept that they’ll profit from an education in The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. The next step has already taken place. To stimulate and inspire choir leaders, Europeans move also into other countries. Moving of crowds isn’t a new phenomena and also in this aspect danish music professor Jesper Holm has moved to the Netherlands. He is most welcome. Now Jim Daus Hjernøe as well as Peder Karlsson from Sweden are soon visiting the Netherlands to introduce their visions, their ways of thinking and methods of acting , the Intelligent Choir and the the Organic Choir, into the dutch Music Academies. Rotterdam and Tilburg are two dutch cities that really were important in this regard because of their innovative, jazz music minded Academies of Music or as we call them Conservatories. Inspiration Days and Inspiration Course will take place in these cities. Merel Martens is a most inspiring director and she shakes things up in a positive way in the Netherlands. She has formed the Dutch Organic Choir and will undoubtely invent the Intelligent Organic Choir. Maybe an event like this can alo take place in your country. Stay connected with E.V.A. members. Next time I like also to get inspired by for example Signe Sørensen and Jens Johansen. By The Way, remember to enroll for the Vocal Pop and Jazz Days in 2016.

As a reader of this post you might like to take a short look and you could be interested in participating. I’m sure you will be most welcome!

Target group: conductors, music teachers, conservatory students and choir singers. Inspiration Days info. Where and when:
Saturday November 21, 2015, Codarts Rotterdam, 10:00-17:00 at the WMDC (Pieter de Hoochweg 125, Rotterdam)
Saturday December 12,2015, Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Tilburg, 10:00-17:00
Price: € 99



 From left to right: Jesper Holm, Jim Daus Hjernøe, Merel Martens and Peder Karlsson.E.V.A. ambassador for The Netherlands, Joep Hopstaken, singer in dutch vocal groups VPS KeK and ZiPPA, reports.

Vocal Pop and Jazz Days VPJD in The Netherlands in Soesterberg, near Utrecht,  is  a tradition  that take place every two years.  One whole week in the summer(holiday) of very intensive singing on a high level and also performing. In 2016 it will take place in August 14th-21rst. This international event is a must have been experienced singing moment.  If you like to enroll today keep in mind  that it is especially for women  essential to subscribe soon. Directors are Jim Daus Hjernøe(DK) , Matthias Becker (G) and Tijs Krammer (NL). You will be singing a lot of new, fresh and tempting rhythmic arrrangements with a lot of international singers. There is wonderful food, good beds and it all happens in a very cosy athmosphere and beautiful surrounding.  You can audition tob e a singer in the selection choir where you will sing with 11 other singers special selected tempting songs.

What’s it gonna be for your summerholiday in 2016? What about making new friends? Come to VPJD in the Netherlands!

Keep eating notes, they’ll improve your health. 

Greetings from Joep, a squeaky old fellow from VPS KeK and ZiPPA, The Netherlands
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