ItAcA – Italian A-cappella Project

Italian a-cappella community ready to rumble with ItAcA!

The project is going to turn the lights on in few days, after over a year of planning and discussing and singing! Dozens of singers, hundreds of audio tracks, an inedited composition and a mix of smartness, innovation and cheek!

October 2012. After eleven years of experience in a-cappella world, tens of gigs, journeys and some tours, I decided to open a Facebook group, as I saw there were already some around the social network concerning a-cappella fans and singers (Japan A Cappella Society, CASA and others). It was born “Italian A-cappella Society”, specifically addressed to open a real exchange of “know-how”, competences and opinions in a virtual community.

The group was the “place” where I met Lorenzo Subrizi. Chatting a bit, divided by 1400 km, we found out there was something missing in our community: awareness of Us and will of sharing. We have so many vocal groups around the Country, young and less young, internationally experienced or just locally, but – to our eyes – there was not a feeling of what was/is going on around Us. It seemed like the grass was always greener on the other side, but shorter and drier at the same time. Envy and spurn together!

ItAcA – Italian A-cappella Project is born to allow everybody to really share and to benefit  competences grown up in Italian A-cappella overview in last 25 years. Here’s the outline:

  • rigging up a virtual choir composed by all Italian vocal groups that decided to be part of the project
  • to involve individual singers too, essentially everyone who wanted to support our idea
  • to sing an inedited music, composed just for Us (ItAcA and each single fellow who wants to share and to learn from this experience!) by Erik Bosio, on lyrics written by Sara Boero
  • using our local frameworks and structures for recording sessions
  • making a music video
  • bringing out our local peculiarities – in a national perspective – during the video sessions

It could sound quite familiar to someone – as idea – thinking about Whitacre’s VC, but with two essential differences:

  1. a higher audio quality
  2. a different point of view, less centripetal, due to a choral idea of the project itself.

These don’t want to absolutely be critics to Whitacre and his projects, that remain innovative and gorgeous, like his music. It’s just a clarification.

The project wants to be a start up for something bigger. A prelude to a concrete, national and cooperative idea of education and sharing, with the purpose of creating a deep awareness of what is “doing a-cappella”, knowing that the most important thing in a-cappella is joy to feel the others, learning a new way to know, feel and get in touch with the others, both singers and audience.

Here some links:

ItAcA – Italian A-cappella Project is under the patronage of Cultural Association “The Slash of Unashamed Singers”, and it is completely self-financed.

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That is a great initiative I am very much looking forward!!

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