Invitation to discuss the Vocal Music Data Exchange Format (VMDEF)

Exciting, how things evolve. The discussion has started, via several channels like Facebook, e-mail, personal 1-to-1s and others.
Time to bundle the discussion to keep everybody on the same page:
I have started a forum thred in our brand new "discussions" area on the website. The forum is called #AcaTech and and it will be the place to discuss technical things important to vocal music - starting to discuss my concept.
Anybody can read the posts, but if you want to participate actively, you have to apply for a user account on the website and send an email to to get you added to the #AcaTech forum members list.
You can find the #AcaTech forum here:
You can find the kick-off post of this initiative here:
or you download it here:
See you there ......

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