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Hearing yourself and others in the best way possible is a must for an a cappella band. But what can you do to guarantee that? One of the solutions is: In-ear monitoring (IEM). 

Tjidde Luhrs is one of 4 singers with the Dutch professional a cappella band iNtrmzzo and the owner of Tjidde! custom inear monitors, a company specialized in in-ear monitoring. Tjidde serves a wide range of artists, TV shows with custom- made in-ear systems as well as transmitters and receivers. 

Nowadays we have extremely complicated in-ear systems; custom-molded earpieces with two, three or even 6 up to 13 speakers in each ear (to handle the mids, highs, and lows separately) are becoming the standard. Many in-ear monitors are incorporating ambient systems into their earpieces to reduce the learning curve on in-ears. 
IEM has several advantages, the greatest being hearing conservation. Cutting yourself off from loud stage wedges is a great idea, as you can control your volume and mix very easily, just as you please. 

The disadvantages are, surprisingly, similar to wedge monitoring: sometimes listeners push the in-ears louder than they should, forgetting that by doing so they can hit the same sound pressure levels as wedge monitors. In addition, a lot of artists can’t get used to the isolation, which can be combated by using ambient microphones on stage or a build in ambience channel. Nowadays it's even possible to get a set inears with ambience which will maintain your low frequencies. This innovation is produced by Westone and also available at Tjidde. Very Interesting for those who sing a cappella and wanna have more feeling with the environment without the loss of Lows. 

Also the introduction af KLANG:technologies might be interesting. This hardware device creates a 3D environment on your IEM mix. Definitely worth exploring. 

One of the reasons for iNtrmzzo to choose for an IEM system years ago was that they simply don’t use any stage space. The racks with receivers/transmitter is at the technician’s booth and the stage is free of any equipment. 
Another big advantage is that we use the entire stage during our show. With IEM we can go wherever we want without losing the monitor. 

The direct sound on the IEM makes you pitch better and gives you the possibility to pay more attention to musical dynamics. For bands, like iNtrmzzo, who use a beatboxer it’s really a big plus! Each member creates his or her own mix on the mixing desk and that way everybody has one’s own “personal monitor”. Hard to accomplish when using wedges. Anyway: It helped iNtrmzzo a lot in several ways. 

For more information about the wide range of products which are available at Tjidde's company please visit or feel free to e-mail your questions to 

Special for EVA members: Tjidde gives a 5% discount on the New Westone AM Pro Series for EVA Members. Those sets are universal fit and have an ambiance channel wich remains the low frequencies. Ideal foor cappella bands with a budget issue and for those who want to stay in touch with the surroundings.
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