EVA Rafflemania – Total Vokal Munich, question #3

Total Vokal, Germany's largest a cappella festival, has started two weeks ago – and will continue for two months. So will EVA Rafflemania, a big give-away of discounted and free tickets for many of Vokal Total’s concerts. This is a pilot cooperation and hopefully, EVA will get more tickets for its members and all of you who want to become members.
To win tickets or discounts, please answer the following question:

Who’s the founder and headmaster of The Real Academy?
(Hint: He wrote a great blog post on www.europeanvoices.org lately)
This time we are giving away the following discounted and free tickets:

  • Sat, Oct 26th, Juice Box – 2 free tickets
  • Sat, Oct 26th, Juice Box, 10 discounted tickets (EUR 15,- EUR instead of 18,-)
  • Sun, Oct 27th, voxenstopp, 10 discounted tickets (EUR 15,- EUR instead of 18,-)
  • Sat, Nov 2nd, anders und The Junction, 10 discounted tickets (EUR 15,- instead of 18,-)
  • Sun, Nov 3rd, Ommm & Catchatune, 10 discounted tickets (EUR 15,- instead of 18,-)

Please send your answer via email to raffle@europeanvoices.org and like us on FACEBOOK!
All of the correct answers, that will have been sent to EVA by Friday, 25th of October,  
12am will join the raffle. We will announce the winners on Friday evening.
Stay tuned for weekly ticket raffle questions via the EVA Facebook fanpage.
For more information about the Festival Vokal Total, see here:

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