Conducting pop/rock/jazz choir (60 ECTS) courses in Aarhus

Further Education at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark

Professional Master (60 ECTS)
- is for music teachers, music pedagogues and others with a passed music education
containing choir conducting at a bachelor level or equivalent qualifications with at
least two years relevant professional experience with choir conducting. The main
focus is upgrading the pedagogical and artistic activities at an advanced level.

Diploma Course (60 ECTS)
- is intended for teachers, pedagogues and others having a 3-4 year long university
education, higher education or other corresponding qualification supported with at
least a 2-year professional experience. The emphasis is on the principal study in
pop/rock/jazz choir conducting. The study course is meant to develop the students’
skills, musicianship and pedagogical competences.

Both study programs are part-time study courses divided over 4 terms (2 years)
corresponding to one study year of 60 ECTS. The study course will primarily take
place at the Academy’s department in Aalborg, Denmark, supported by extensive
feedback via a unique virtual classroom.

Application deadline: February 17, 2014
Audition date: March 9, 2014, Aalborg
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