BALK TOP festival on 9th of November

This Saturday, Nov 9, is the day that many Dutch choirs are looking forward to with great anticipation, because it’s the day of the fourth biennial BALK TOPfestival!
The very best Dutch (amateur) choirs and vocal groups (light music only, but not strictly a cappella), competing in 10 competitions divided over 6 categories. There will be large pop choirs, large vocal groups, small vocal groups without mics, groups with mics, and there will be a special stage for youth choirs.
And all this will take place in just ONE day - November 9 - in ONE location: de Doelen, Rotterdam. For only €15 you get 12(!) hours of the very best in light choral music that The Netherlands has to offer.
And have we mentioned the workshops? There will also be workshops! Including one where 250+ young singers will learn the Cup Song to perform it later in the grand concert hall of De Doelen. The first competitions start at 10am and the grand finale concert will end around 10pm. Keep an eye on our Facebookpage Balk Licht Vocaal for live updates about this festival!

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Happily there were two belgium guests (and at least one belgium singer). I would like to recommend Jeanine Rondas and Herwig Ganseman as the true international oriënted ambassadors in the spirit of the European Voices Association. Greetings, Joep